Beware of flying pucks

Catherine writes …

We’re a family of our word and we had pledged to study further the intricacies of ice hockey.  What better opportunity than the Beantown derby between BU’s Terriers and their reviled opponents, the Eagles of Boston College?  There was a capacity crowd (6,150) and we could only secure standing room tickets – hard on the varicose veins but good for bopping behind the tuba line-up of the pep band.  Stewards advised that standing room ticket holders are allowed to seek out vacant seats after the first ten minutes but we were too timid, fearing eviction by burly fans loaded with beer, nachos and plates of fried dough.

One such made a rabble rousing intervention late in the game, removing his shirt to reveal not only a hairy chest but matching back and arms and rushing down the aisle to the screens around the rink.  He’s obviously known for this stratagem.  The screen flashed “Sasquatch” (another appellation for Bigfoot) and the arena erupted.  The ritual began in 1993, according to a 1998 interview with the hirsute one.

We suspect that Rhett the BU Terrier mascot’s fur is acrylic rather than luxuriantly natural, like Sasquatch’s.  Rhett was doing the rounds in the stands, in addition to his duties as star of on screen in infomercials and host of the intra-period goal-scoring contest.  Harriet reluctantly and Elizabeth more willingly consented to be snapped in his company.  The days of the cute family photo are surely numbered.

The Terriers are sitting less prettily in the Hockey East League than when we last saw them.  BC were both ahead and with a game in hand before the match.  That gap widened by close of play with a 3-2 victory for the Eagles.  It looked in the first period as if the defeat would be more humiliating, and the banners of “Goalie” (behind BU’s Millan) and “Sieve” (behind the visitors’ goaltender Muse) erroneously placed.  The Terriers’ passing was inept, while the Eagles’ sticks seemed velcro-tipped.  But whatever long-term coach Jack Parker said to the Terries before Period Two struck home and they got their skates on metaphorically as well as literally thereafter, putting the Eagles under sustained attack in the closing minutes.

One of the satisfactions of living somewhere new is experiencing life as some sort of coded game, which you gradually decipher.  I finally “got” the significance of an insurance company logo which features prominently around BU.  It’s the signature of John Hancock, whose name is attached to the BU Student Village, as well as the landmark mirrored glass skyscraper in town.  But I did not know till our Massachusetts State House tour that his was the first name n the Declaration of Independence, a mark made with such confidence and panache that “John Hancock” became a slang term for signature.

This post’s title is lifted from an admonition which precedes ice hockey games at BU’s Agganis Arena.  But it seems to me a principle with a wider application and I’m considering adopting it as a motto.

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  1. brooklines says:

    great blog i loved the picture of rex

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